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Artworkz inspires and encourages the child within to feel the strength to authentically shower the world with the truth they carry inside. At ArtWorkz, high level creative insight meets hands on learning and imagination takes root.  In each class you will develop the skills you need to communicate your ideas and thoughts.

All classes are interactive and hands on with an experience based learning style to support social and emotional development and life skills.  Taught by experienced studio savvy business experienced designers and artists, you will hone your abilities and sharpen your design sense.  



May 12, 14, 19 & 21, 2020

Tuesday & Thursday @ 1pm

1 Hour

(4 Hours Total)

Build My Creative Online Platform

This class is a basic set up and structure for a well rounded online set up for any creative or entrepreneur.  Are you an artist or creative that wants to display your creations online, create a store and market your stuff to the world?  Especially during this difficult time with COVID and the internet the only place to turn, lets give you an outlet!  It can be so hard to get started without the tools!

Erin Nicole

May 13 & 20

Wednesday @ 1pm for 1 hour

(2 Hours Total)

Clean & Fold

This class is for ages 7+.This class is for anyone that wants to learn the basics on washing and folding clothes.  Basic cleaning tips and tricks for the average person to sharpen their cleaning tools and for the beginner that is looking to grow personal tools for day to day home care!

Erin Nicole

May 12, 14, 19 & 21, 2020

Tuesday & Thursday @ 11am

1 Hour

(4 Hours Total)

Wisdom School

This class is for ages 9+.  For kids that have a vivid imagination, have gifts or sensory ability or have interests in energy, fairies and magic!

  • The body as energy  -  The basic chakra system, emotional body.

  • Basic astrology and eneogram 

  • The world of Faeries, gnomes and dragons.  History and tools for play

  • Seasons and elements

This class is to cover the basics!  

Erin Nicole & Nicole Mavros

 Step it up! 

With our individualized one to one program for self love and emotional intelligence.

This project was created from our hearts, experience and education, for those individuals that have experienced or are experiencing gifts, extra sensory or emotional intelligence.  This project is also for youth diagnosed with ADHD, bipolar or mental disorder.  This can be for anyone that feels at a loss for medical attention or support and looking for a solution.  This can be for you if you are a child or parent that is simply interested in learning or looking to add to your self love education.

50% of all classes go to for scholarships

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