Step It Up!

Individualized support for leveling up your creativity, self love & business.

4 weeks

Individually structured to support your needs!  For the non-linear mind providing tools for business & Life structure, time management, social media and marketing as well as networking and programs that help you help you!

  • 1 - 30 min Call Initial Introduction and Structure

  • 3 - 60 min Calls - Listening, Tools and Support

  • 4 - 30 min Touch in Calls - Exercise and Tool Support

  • 1 - 30 to 60 min Call - Follow up, close & opportunity for 1 to 1 follow ups

(All sessions are structured to support CORVID19 quarantine guidelines)

With our team of experienced educators, healers and entrepreneurs we are ignited to watch your dreams unfold!

Meet Our 'Step It Up' Team

Erin Nicole

Erin is a master energy healer, educational innovator, and coach for children around the world...

Deborah (Deb) Mech

Deb is a master teacher, educational visionary, and integrated health and wellness consultant and entrepreneur serving families and kids of all ages (0-100!).

Selena Wilson

A woman who wears many hats, yet always in the mode of creating.


  • We only provide 'Ste It Up' for a minimum of 4 weeks.  From experience one session is only for follow up or support sessions.  To create structure and strength, it takes personal and individual consistent choice and follow through.  Just like, to strengthen a physical muscle it takes the same type of dedication.  

  • This program is not for anyone that is not willing or ready to personally commit to WANTING to learn and implement tools.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.  If you are a parent or guardian pushing, forcing or making your child do this program it is not for you.  

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