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A first of its kind in San Diego's South Bay, ArtWorkz is co-working space for "artrepreneurs" to collaborate and receive the support they need to start and grow their businesses.  Founded in 2019 by two visionary women, ArtWorkz is an amazing collection of creatives and innovators laser-focused on weaving the arts -- and the heart --  back into the fabric of society.   



Who We Are



Founder ArtWorkz
Global visionary and heart filled creative faery

Born mountain dwelling hippie, turned world-traveling, USN operations communications specialist. 
Erin’s passion for supporting the youth in us all began with her own struggles in school and being bullied.  In adulthood, the struggle became physical. She was sick for many years before finding the healing that only self-love can bring.
Erin has degrees in business and health marketing communications, is a disabled military veteran and practitioner in energy healing.  She made her living the last 20 years owning a salon in San Diego as a cosmetologist specializing in hair restoration. She started a volunteer program for seniors giving over 100 free haircuts a month and awarded the humanitarian award.   She led branding, marketing and events for multiple global and nationwide social impact projects and non-profits (CAYS, Blue Ribbons Worldwide, Autism Tree Project Foundation).   Erin Nicole is also a fun loving, multicultural innovative educator. As a much beloved teacher, she brought "new wave" curriculum to the Perris County educational system.
Erin is a creative visionary at heart creating crafts for kids and adults through her shop on Etsy TheFaeryShoppe.  Her art is published in the book Blindsight: A Quantum Life In A Human World.  For Erin Creativity is what keeps her gowing and her time balanced.  She knows her mission at heart is to ignite the creative side in all of us.
Erin knows that TOGETHER we are stronger.  The truth is when we feel truly valued, supported and ignited, the sky’s the limit!
Checkout Erin and all her projects @ErinNicole.Love


Founder ArtWorkz
Visionary and Faery-Godmother

Ms. Arnett-Jordan is having a highly interesting life.  She began her involvement in the arts at age three with ballet classes and continued dancing for the next twenty years.  After receiving a BA in Politics from UC, Santa Cruz (where she was chosen to participate in Tom Lehrer’s musical theater course), she went on to study at the New School for Social Research in New York City.  After realizing that the answers to life’s big questions weren’t going to be found in that environment, she left graduate school to care for her quadriplegic mother. During the two decades of that journey, she cultivated the fruits of the Spirit (Galations 5:22-23) and expanded her repertoire to include professional translator (German to English), organic gardener, Suzuki piano teacher, and classically trained opera singer. She performed extensively in local productions and founded a 

successful concert series at her church and a music trio (Trio Vivace) for which she produced a CD (Maiden Voyage).

Ruth is both humbled and excited to be part of the vanguard of Truth Seekers -- scientists, economists, psychologists, doctors, spiritual leaders...people -- rewriting the story of what it means to be human and manifesting these "new" concepts through concrete action.


Deborah (Deb) Mech

 Master teacher, educational visionary, and integrated health and wellness consultant

Deborah (Deb) Mech is a master teacher, educational visionary, and integrated health and wellness consultant and entrepreneur serving families and kids of all ages (0-100!).


With a mission to bridge the worlds, Deb has found a way to successfully merge the best of traditional and alternative educational strategies for learning, and she combines her vast experience with multi-modalities and whole-child education to encompass all aspects of the human being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 


Along with her course, “Critical Thinking through Literature: Meditation, Metaphysics, and Magic”,  Deborah has been providing Mindfulness Meditation, Sound-Healing Integration, and introductions to “The Five Claires” (Claire-Voyance, Claire-Senses, Clair-Audition, Claire-Olfaction, and Claire-Cognition) in schools TK-College, as well as offering her groundbreaking program, Spiritual Diversity In Education, all designed to empower and free those who are ready!


Now on staff with The Little School for the Gifted, Deb continues to use her own special gifts and talents, and teaches others to find theirs through interactive and self-reflective technologies and exercises.




Janina is a doctor, a psychologist to be exact. She is also a scientist, a writer, animal lover, and a full time geek. Geek culture had a powerful effect on her life, helping her to recover from PTSD and learn to manage her chronic pain disorder, uncover her secret superpowers, and discover a way that she can help others.

In working with both active duty service members and civilians she saw the powerful impact that stories have on our lives. When we relate to a particular person, real or fictional, this can make us feel less alone, inspire us to make a difference, and can potentially help us heal. Janina began incorporating relatable examples from geek culture into therapy, first with active duty Marines, many of whom love Batman and Superman.

Last year she was interviewed several times by The Huffington Post Live TV, she was invited to present at different conferences, both pop culture related (like the San Diego Comic Con) and professional ones.  Janina was also invited to give lectures and provide training to medical residents and psychology graduate and post-doctorate students at various hospitals and universities, including Rady’s Children’s Hospital in San Diego and the Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital. 

She could not be happier to share her love for geeky things with the world and hopes that more medical and mental health settings will start and continue to implement geek culture into treatment.

Star Wars Psychology, Walking Dead Psychology, Game of Thrones Psychology, Captain America vs. Iron Man Psychology, Doctor Who Psychology, Star Trek Psychology, and others are a few of the books Janina has co written. In addition, she wrote her own books, Superhero Therapy, which is part book and part comic book, illustrated by the incredible Wellinton Alves, published by the amazing Little, Brown and Company.

I am currently working as a Clinical Psychologist at at the Center for Stress and Anxiety Management. My job is to help people with PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

If you would like to know more about janina or get in touch with her, please feel free to find her! Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, or by email:

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Soul Artist ~ Graphic Designer Comic Artist ~ Comic Con

JJ's first success in the comic industry came at the age of 10.  At age 21, after winning an art contest, which he found in the back of a comic book, his career took off like a rocket.

JJ works as a freelance artist for Marvel, Wild Storm of Image Comics, DC Comics, Lions Forge, General Mills and Sony, JJ knows first hand that it's possible to make a living with art and creativity.

You will find JJ at every Comic-Con in San Diego, California  With his knowledge and artistry, he is in great demand and at major comic and graphic events. 

He grew up in an environment where creativity was encouraged and feels that the elimination of art from the school system was a tragedy. For JJ, creativity is a key to unity  -- with art acting as a gateway to an open mind and imagination. ArtWorkz is a place where JJ believes the arts can be seeded back into education and the world.

JJ has had many mentors and people around him that inspire him like Jim Lee, owner of Wild Stonehead and editor of DC Comics and Warner Brothers.  Jim gave JJ his first chance in the industry and is still inspired by him today. 

JJ loves to give back and highlight the world with creativity!

Instagram -@JJKirbyart

ht how this person is an asset to the team.

Damian Artworkz Team Photo.JPG


Creative Director of House of Ryura Designs

Fashion was something Damion discovered at a young age while creating garments for paper dolls and drawing characters --  on a mission to defend the world from threats to peace  --  with unique looks.  As he got older, he saw and understood how important art is for the development of a young mind and the role art plays in maintaining stability in an adult's life.

The House of Ryura is taking a new direction.  His work with cosplayers, takes his designs beyond the catwalk by integrating creativity with movement.   

 Damian is excited to be part of the ArtWorkz Team and looks forward to helping others discover and grow their creativity.

“No artist should be alone in the struggle to become an artist”  

Instagram - @DamionRyura

Website -

Selena Wilson

Artist and holistic educator

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. Always aware of the beauty in our surroundings, as well as in each person, I believe that we are all creators, we just use different mediums! As an art teacher, I help others to unlock their creative potential and activate their right brain, enhancing vital skills like problem solving and critical thinking.


In addition to the belief that our creative natures are essential to cultivate, wellbeing in general is my passion. As a teacher of the arts in high school, I noticed that there was a need for students to learn about the power they have to create their own happiness and resilience. The Art and Science of Wellbeing is a high school elective course that I have created to help students learn how to manage their inner lives in order to achieve balance and awareness of their emotions and health both physically and emotionally. I was never a fan of the way school promotes mass conformity, and the phrase, "when you get into the real world..." directed at the youth has always rubbed me the wrong way. Of course young people are already part of the real world! They should be included as contributors as well because they have value to add to the world because of who they are and what they can do. It is well known that people need a sense of purpose in order to thrive.


This is why I am so excited to be part of Youth Inspired. I have always imagined a program where kids can be connected with mentors on their own timeline, not just because they are 18 or have achieved some imaginary benchmark set by society. Lets get them actively building their dreams today, this real world needs them and their passion!


I believe that we must nurture the youth as our future leaders if we want to see real change in the world. I believe youth hold the keys and solutions to many of the problems that we face in the world today. If we nurture their creativity, their originality, their voices and their expression, then we can create the ripple effect of change for good worldwide.


Lets Make Believe!

Play is the most ancient and sacred form of learning and I know that part of my mission is to help people tap into their creative selves with a sense of play and purpose.

Faith Lefever

Creative, Visionary

Team executive producer, editing and animation.

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